Glorious breakfast

I never used to be a big fan of breakfast. Out of all the meals, lunch was probably the one I looked most forward to. Probably because missing breakfast caused me to be twice as hungry by midday. I still love the word ‘lunch’ itself.

You hear and read about how important breakfast is, but somehow I was always too sleepy to be hungry in the mornings. By the time I properly woke up, it was nearly lunch time anyway.

Since I’ve had Chester, my adorable English Cocker Spaniel and I transformed myself into a responsible dog owner, my relationship with breakfast has changed. The morning walks at 7 am, not only help me wake up, but also make me absolutely ravenous.

So I became very inventive with breakfast and I enjoy it now just as much as lunch. Another great “side-effect” of eating a healthy and filling meal in the morning is that I don’t seem to be as hungry at night time as I used to be back in my breakfast skipping days.

Here’s a great recipe I came up with this morning (see photo in the header of the post):

Long bread roll  cut in half and toasted
Danish  feta smeared lightly on roll and crumbled on top of a mix of rocket and finely chopped tomato
2 poached free range organic eggs (thanks to Poppy & Mary, my two beautiful chooks)
Tomato relish
Drizzle of garlic infused olive oil
Sprinkle of oregano and freshly ground pepper

What a great start to the day!


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