Currently reading: Great Australian working dog stories

Authors: Angela Goode & Mike Hayes (ABC/HarperCollinsPublishers)

“And what about the mountain dogs who were so good in the yards, they could even do up the gates?

‘You’ve heard the yarn, haven’t you?’ asked Lanky Couldron ‘about the bloke who reckoned his dog was so smart that he could pen a mob of sheep, push the hurdle gate shut himself and even jump up and put in the little wooden peg to keep it shut? The only problem was that those little pegs had a habit of fallin’ out and if that happened the bloody sheep’d get out.’
Some other bloke, who’d been listening all night without saying much, suddenly snorted with contempt. Continue reading Currently reading: Great Australian working dog stories


Paleo Cottage Pie

“Who is this person you’ve become?” asks my partner when instead of serving dinner up as usual, I take photos of it with my phone just as it comes out of the oven. “It’s for my blog, I told you I’m a blogger now.” He rolls his eyes and disappears from the kitchen. He’s a really supportive kind of guy and has put up with a lot during our three years together including Continue reading Paleo Cottage Pie