Quality over Quantity

I honestly do not understand when people tell me they do not buy free range eggs and meat because they are more expensive. Have people become so far distanced and insensitive to where their food comes from, that now even when they have choices and readily available information, they still decide to go for the cheapest option?

3 of 5 adults in Australia are overweight or obese,  it is a huge (pun intended) issue in the US and it’s becoming a problem even in Europe. It is obvious that we should eat less. Yes, that free range chicken/pork or grass fed beef costs more. Eat  less of it. Add more vegetables to the menu.

Factory farming and industrial food production  might have had a place in the modern world after the world wars, when masses of people needed to be fed fast. But luckily for the western world, those times are gone and hopefully will never return again. It’s time to go back to basics.

It is great to see that there is a growing number of people who are conscious of what they eat, and there are more choices available at the supermarkets and  butchers. We can speed up the trend by choosing to buy the right things, and hopefully soon, factory farming will only be an ugly thing of the past. Please let me know your thoughts. Comment on this post.


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